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A COVID-safe Easter

Recently we passed the anniversary of the beginning of the pandemic. It can be difficult to believe that it has been so long. Last year, Easter fell right at the beginning of everything; there was less information, and little time to adapt to the “new normal.” However, having lived this reality for the past year, we’ve become much more creative about how to celebrate our holidays. Though again this time around it won’t be traditional, Easter Sunday on April 4 can still be full of festivities and exciting activities.

For starters, now would be a better-than-ever time to elevate your scavenger hunt to a whole new level! One way to do this is with colour-coded eggs: different colours can represent different prizes or points. The better the prize or the higher number of points, the harder it is to find the eggs. Try hiding your highest-ranking ones in unexpected spots: tuck them away in shoes in a closet, or place them in the carton of real eggs in the fridge. Raising the stakes is a fun way to draw out a hunt, even if there are only a couple of people participating; it also allows the hunt planner to get really creative about hiding spots as they seek out all the secret nooks and crannies of the house.

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If you want to expand your egg search, why not try an international scavenger hunt? Give clues to different iconic places in the world (Eiffel Tower, Giza Pyramids, Great Wall of China, etc). Each clue solved correctly by a participant means an award of an egg or prize. This combines the idea of a scavenger hunt with some Amazing Race-type globetrotting, and helps you see some of the world without ever leaving your house. It’s both fun and educational.

If geography isn’t your thing, try some trivia! A family game of Easter trivia is a fun way to get household members of all ages engaged. For example, did you know that the world’s largest Easter egg weighed just over 15,873 pounds? Or that Cadbury cream eggs came out in 1963? A quick Google search will help you find lots of fun trivia that will entertain the family. And, with these fun facts, you’ve got a head start!

Arts and crafts are always a fun way to pass the time, and making Easter decorations is a great activity while spending the long weekend in the safety of your own home. Try painting Mason jars with glitter paints. If you paint the inside of a jar while leaving unpainted spaces in the shapes of bunnies or chickens, you can place a battery-operated tealight inside and have a glowing Easter candleholder. These can be used to spruce up the dinner table or living room in a festive way.

If you’re “kitchen-inclined,” there are lots of fun Easter treats to try this year besides the traditional coloured eggs. You could try making Italian Easter bread, and use colourful eggs as a traditional garnish. And you could tune in to this week’s Valley Vlog on The Gleaner’s Facebook page or YouTube channel to see how to make delicious hot cross buns — perfect for an Easter morning treat.

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