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A new direction for watershed conservation group, SCABRIC

On November 21, Daniel Pilon, the president of the board of directors of the Société de conservation et d’aménagement des bassins versants de la zone Châteauguay (SCABRIC), announced the appointment of Geneviève Audet as the new general director of the watershed conservation non-profit organization.

Audet is currently fulfilling the role of assistant general director/project coordinator, and she will begin her new mandate in January 2023. 

With a hybrid background in science, environmental education, and management, Audet says she intends to use her skills and those of the SCABRIC’s team to their fullest potential, to help watershed partners adapt to best respond to the needs and challenges they have collectively expressed.

“The selection committee is confident we have chosen the best candidate from among all those we met. Ms. Audet stood out not only because of her vast experience in watershed management, her extensive knowledge of the organization, and her skills, but also because of her leadership within the community,” said Pilon.


Geneviève Audet has been named the new general director of the SCABRIC PHOTO Jeannine Haineault SCABRIC


Audet will replace long-time director Félix Blackburn who, after more than twenty years with the SCABRIC, will soon retire.

Salaberry-Suroît MP Claude DeBellefeuille recently spoke about Blackburn’s departure in the House of Commons in Ottawa. “I am honoured to highlight the exceptional achievements of Mr. Félix Blackburn, general director of the SCABRIC. For Mr. Blackburn, the Chateauguay River watershed holds no secrets. Since 2002, he has dedicated all his passion and skills to the conservation of this natural environment,” said DeBellefeuille, while noting a competent, involved, and efficient team is ready to pursue the SCABRIC’s mission.

“My dear Felix, enjoy your retirement. It is so well deserved,” added DeBellefeuille, while wishing him “many more paddle strokes on your beautiful Chateauguay River.”

In an interview, Audet she says she sees great potential for development and improvement to the role the organization plays regarding regional water management and its various challenges.

“I am confident in my leadership and management abilities. This position will give me the opportunity to improve and strengthen our network of collaborators and partners within the region, and even outside, to benefit the organization,” she said.

Audet admits she and Blackburn have always had a different but complementary vision for the non-profit. Both agree on the significance of the municipal and agricultural sectors, as well as area shoreline residents.

“I believe in empowerment as a form of citizen participation. Who better than oneself to decide which changes to make or to recognize the push needed to act?” said Audet. “And, the SCABRIC non-profit is here to help.”

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