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Founded in 1863, The Gleaner has been the voice of the English-speaking community in the Chateauguay Valley since its inception. During the newspaper’s history, it has been published under different names, including the Canadian Gleaner and the Huntingdon Gleaner, but has always included the word “Gleaner” in its masthead.

At first, the newspaper was a locally-owned family business, and its first editor was Robert Sellar, author of The History of the County of Huntingdon and the Seigniories of Chateauguay & Beauharnois (1888). The Sellar family continued in that same position for many years, eventually succeeded by other local owners until it was purchased by a succession of media chains starting in the 1980s. After being transformed from a newspaper into an insert in regional French-language weekly, The Gleaner was eventually closed in November 2018.

In May 2019, however, The Gleaner returned to its roots as a community newspaper and is now owned and operated by the Chateauguay Valley Community Information Services (CVCIS), a non-profit organization which purchased the rights to The Gleaner from its previous owner.



Mission Statement

The Gleaner is an independent not-for-profit media outlet that publishes in English and in French.  We are dedicated to providing accurate news and features, reflecting the needs and interests of all those in and from the Chateauguay Valley in southwestern Quebec.

We chronicle the social, cultural and economic life of our communities and celebrate our rural heritage. The Gleaner informs readers, promotes discussion, facilitates connections, and contributes to the well-being of individuals, groups, and businesses, just as it has since the newspaper was founded in 1863.


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