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He flew into the purple night
content to claim the sky’s reward
falcons scree and sparrows flight
fell beneath the piper’s sword

The busy earth turned on its tilt
plows and furrows held their breath
as night descended with its guilt
it only knew three songs of death

Players played and dice re-tossed
fortunes bet and futures won
George awaited t’s be crossed
while a country lost a son

And what of her and what of she
did they scream in discontent
or did their spirits slither free
in the piper’s last descent?

In that final grasping minute
did they ask their final why
why with all the water in it
did the ocean flood the sky?

The piper spun and sang and fell
Excalibur at Arthur’s wake
Camelot returned its spell
to the lady of the lake

Joe Hevesy
July 26, 1999

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