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AMPS stops 13 individuals attempting entry to U.S.

The Akwesasne Mohawk Police Service (AMPS) has reported that 13 individuals were detained in August for attempting to illegally enter the United States from Canada.

Police responded to two calls relating to foreign nationals on August 5 in the village of Kana:takon (St. Regis). Officers located a family of four walking on the roadway, as well as a second family of nine who were found at a private residence. The individuals were turned over to Canadian authorities and an investigation is ongoing.

In a statement, the AMPS emphasizes that human smuggling is a crime and poses serious health and safety risks for the individual(s) involved and for the community of Akwesasne. Anyone with information that could assist in this investigation may contact the AMPS at 613-575-2340, or by email at (SR)

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