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An agricultural project is in the making

An ambitious project is taking shape in the municipality of Franklin.

Perspective InZebra Inc., a team of three dedicated people including Eliane Wiler, Stefan Donaldson, and Charles Généreux, is quietly working to establish Les Fermes Vega on two hectares of land.

Following long-term reflection and combined experiences, the three are throwing all their energy and capital into the business. Donaldson, whose background is in architectural design, has experience designing  eco-friendly buildings in the tourism and hotel industry. His involvement in this sector allowed him to learn about energy, self-sufficiency, and food while working closely with hydroponic and aquaponic farms.


The Perspective InZebra Inc team behind the Fermes Vega in Franklin includes Eliane Wiler vice president Stefan Donaldson general manager and Charles Généreux vice president of operations PHOTO Abel Dif


“It is the combination of our entrepreneurial experience, our skill sets, and long-term reflection on our values that has led to our setting up this project,” says Donaldson. The trio was already thinking about setting up an initial project revolving around a honey farm when the pandemic spurred them to grow their idea into a full-fledged agriculture venture.

“Initially, we will devote ourselves to the production of about fifty varieties of vegetables which will be distributed to a select group of 50 customers, before launching in 2023 with the goal of feeding 500 customers per week [through the sale of vegetable baskets],” he explains. The plants will be grown within a heated greenhouse to be as free as possible from environmental pressures, including weather.

Within a few months a wooden frame for a greenhouse was erected; and an artificial lake was dug, around which flora and fauna have developed. A field of sunflowers was also planted. The idea is to “make room for a more natural ecosystem,” says Donaldson.

Perspective InZebra Inc. envisions the creation of multiple businesses on its site, all dedicated to specific activities including beekeeping, hydroponic seedling production, aquaponics, a kitchen for processing its products, and a delivery service powered by electric vehicles.

While still in the early stages of development, it is clear that something to watch for is taking shape in Franklin.

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