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Ancre et Ailes raises awareness of alternative approaches to mental health

In recognition of the 10th annual Alternative Mental Health Day in Quebec, the team and members of Ancre et Ailes took to the streets of Ormstown on October 13 to distribute information on alternative mental health resources.

Dressed in white coats, they handed out fake prescriptions for mental health conditions and social problems, to raise awareness of the fact mental health problems often stem from social factors and not necessarily mental disorders. The goal was to remind people of the importance of alternative mental health resources, such as Ancre et Ailes, as welcoming places that offer mutual support and that play an essential role within our communities.


Group of women in white medical coats stand in front of workplace holding placards
Staff and members of Ancre et Ailes staged a demonstration in Ormstown on October 13 to raise awareness about local alternative mental health resources PHOTO Ancre et Ailes


Alternative mental health groups were forced to adapt their resources during the first waves of the pandemic, and they are now calling for increased investment from the government. Ancre et Ailes positively impacts its members’ lives by offering them an anchor. It is a safe and accessible environment that gives support to people dealing with mental health issues, without delays or a waiting period. A variety of support services and workshops are designed to help people regain control of their lives, while improving their autonomy and quality of life.

Located at 10 Bridge Street in Ormstown, the doors at Ancre et Ailes are open from Tuesday to Friday between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m. (SR)

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