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ART Hemmingford to feature studio visits and shows

On September 30 and October 1, ART Hemmingford will be hosting a series of art exhibitions and studio visits as a part of Les Journées de la Culture.

Event organizer Nadeana Tannahill explains that last year, ART Hemmingford hosted a group exhibition and decided it was something worth continuing. This year, though, the event includes a tour. In total, there will be about 15 artists featured in various locations. Les Journées de la Culture has also sponsored a hall where there will be live music for guests to enjoy.

The artistic styles and mediums of the featured artists are extremely varied. Tannahill says, “There are not two people who do the same thing. A lot of them are paintings; I do upcycled furniture that I paint; there’s another guy who actually makes chairs, and we have one person who does ceramics.” Regardless of artistic preferences, there will be something for everyone.

ART Hemmingford is still wanting to get more local artists involved. “We want to do a community display, if [artists] want to show off their art but not sell it – kind of like a student exhibition,” Tannahill says. The hope is that many people with different artistic practices can be featured. “I would love to have people show off their photos if they do photography; or, if they do quilting, to show that off. We could put that up for free in the hall where we’re doing music.”

All of the exhibit and workshop visits are free to attend, as is the music hall. For more information, or to ask about having your work included, contact the ART Hemmingford Facebook page or

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