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Beaver Buggies flash with bling at Chavalla Rally

This past month the Ormstown rec centre hosted one of the most anticipated Scouting events of the year. The annual Chavalla Rally was held March 16 with an attendance not seen in many years. Scouts of all ages from across the Valley came out to race miniature cars, trucks, and “buggies” down wooden tracks. Nearly 100 youth from different groups including Chateauguay, Howick, Huntingdon, and Ormstown showed up to put their woodworking skills to the test.

For those who have never witnessed this exciting event, each age group has a different style of vehicle that they build and race. Beavers (ages 5-7) glue together “Beaver Buggies” that usually aren’t much more than a flat pine board with the silhouette of a beaver on it. I say “usually,” because this year the kids got extra creative. Each year the Beavers go wild with paints, glue, and glitter: anything they think might impress as it flashes down the track. This year, though, the kids went above and beyond! There were feathers, pennies, flowers, and glitter; if you can you name it, someone decided to put it on their buggy.

The Cubs (ages 8-10) are a little more refined. This group is tasked with making “Kub Kars,” the little pine-box cars that started the idea for this type of event over 50 years ago. Traditionally, building a Kub Kar was meant to be a father-son bonding activity; but now, all the Cubs work with their friends and families to create something unique and stylish.


Jasper Lamb who is a member of the 1st Ormstown Beavers shows off his speedy Beaver Buggy during the Chavalla Rally on March 16 in Ormstown PHOTO Susan Ovans


The Scouts and Venturers (aged 11+) brought their “Scout Trucks.” These eighteen-wheeled rigs take many hours to assemble, and they allow for the most artistic freedom. There were all types on display, from the classic closed-box trailer to tankers and even a log carrier from Final Destination. There were also trucks decorated in honour of local business, including Minimax express, Darragh Trucking, and Rennie Transport.

Congratulations to Jackson Daniel (Huntingdon), Nash Adams (Howick), Daemian McComber (Ormstown), and Avery Krause (Huntingdon) for taking home first place in their classes, and to Julia Laforet and Kale Irving for their well-earned Scout Choice award. This year the trophies were expertly crafted by Olivia Wallace and Ferme Ross, and first place was again sponsored by Tannahill Transport – thank you.

It was a busy day for kids and volunteers alike. Three separate tracks were set up the night before and each entry was raced a total of six times. This means sending down over 320 cars, excluding the Beaver Buggies. The eager Beavers were given their own track with extended race time to try to keep them running more than the adults. Special thanks to all the parents and Scouters (leaders) for all your hard work, and to all the friends and family who came by to see the races. The organizers would also like to thank Grants Bakery and the Municipality of Ormstown for their support.

Five dollars at the door got everyone a hotdog lunch, a badge to sew on their camp blankets, and – if they were lucky enough – a trophy.

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