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Booming Huntingdon builds business complex to match residential expansion

The town of Huntingdon continues to boom. Along with a rapidly expanding residential sector, the town is now seeing rapid growth in commercial and industrial developments within its territory.

In partnership with real estate developer Capital Maurice, Huntingdon announced the creation of a light industrial development project during a brief press conference on December 6.

Estimated to cost around $20 million, the new industrial complex will involve the construction of at least eight buildings ranging in size from 2,500 to 12,600 square feet. The buildings will be built in a 330,000-square-foot expanded section of the existing industrial park next to the Maison Russet facility on Route 202.

“There is a shortage of this type of light industrial building in Huntingdon,” said Jean-Christophe Paquin, the president of Capital Maurice, who spoke on the versatility of the project. The buildings, which can be customized according to specific needs, will all be equipped with a separate septic system and access to municipal water. Each unit will feature one to five suites, 16-foot-high garage doors and 22-foot-high ceilings, with the possibility of adding a mezzanine.


Huntingdon mayor André Brunette announced the creation of a new industrial project in partnership with developers Capital Maurice He was joined for the presentation on December 6 by Alexandre and Jean Christophe Paquin the vice president and president of Capital Maurice as well as Mylène Therrien the real estate broker attached to the project and project manager Frédéric Savaria PHOTO Sarah Rennie


Designed with small service companies in mind including electrical, welding, or mechanical workshops, the developers intend to keep rental rates affordable to attract young entrepreneurs. There will be a total of 40 commercial leases available, with the possibility of financial assistance and subsidies from the municipality.

Mayor André Brunette of Huntingdon welcomed the initiative. “It was time,” he said, noting the industrial park was completely full. “With these new buildings coming, it is going to create new jobs,” he added, suggesting these would be needed given the pace at which the town is currently developing.


Mayor André Brunette and Capital Maurice president Jean Christophe Paquin stand at the location of the future industrial complex next to the Maison Russet facility in Huntingdon PHOTO Sarah Rennie


“We have the infrastructure to accommodate everything that is being built now,” said Brunette, who maintains the town is developing with the community and its growing needs in mind. Capital Maurice is also involved in the development of a 42-unit residential and commercial building along the Ridge Road in Huntingdon.

The infrastructure for the project is complete, and work is being done to build an access road from Route 202. According to Paquin, the foundation for the first building is expected to be poured in February or March, with the goal of opening the building by April.

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