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Celebrating 160 years: An extra look back at the Gleaner Archives

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Archives by decade, special edition, Sept 6, 2023

160 years ago

September 18, 1863

THE HARVEST: The crops are all but secured throughout the Province, and we can now form an estimate as to the yield. With exceptional reports, from a few districts, the reports are universal in agreeing that the present harvest, over the breadth of Canada, is an average one, if not a little more. In Upper Canada a few of the older settlements complain of the deficient return of fall wheat, and in our own county we have met one or two farmers who have been disappointed at the lightness of their yield of barley. The cause of these exceptional failures is attributed on the one hand to the insect, and on the other to the wetness of the spring.

150 years ago

September 18, 1873

RISE IN THE PRICE OF SCHOOLBOOKS: We beg to intimate that we have advanced the prices of the authorized series of Reading Books according to the subjoined list. The great increase which has taken place in the cost of labour, printing, paper, millboards and cloth, has rendered the course absolutely necessary, as the Council of Public Instruction require us to produce the books to certain standard copies, and we are therefore not at liberty to make up the difference by deteriorating the quality of the work and materials used. … The following will be the prices hereafter: First Book, 1st part, 5 cents; First Book, 2nd part, 10 cents; Second Book, 25 cents; Third Book, 40 cents; Fourth Book, 50 cents; Fifth Book, 60 cents; Spelling Book, 30 cents. James Campbell & Son, Publishers.

140 years ago

Thursday, September 20, 1883

HUNTINGDON: On the first evening of the Fair John Bannon went into McKay’s hotel, leaving his horse and carriage on the street. On looking for his rig in about five minutes he found it was gone. A man driving a rig answering to the description of his was seen driving at a furious rate up the Athelstan Road. Bannon and constable McCoy started in pursuit, and when they reached John Fee’s (the Reid farm) they found what they were in search of. It had been driven away by John Cunningham of Elgin. Cunningham was very drunk, and when they found him he was lying on the grass apparently unconscious of what he had done. Cunningham had run against a milk stand at Fee’s, upsetting the carriage, breaking a thill, crossbar, and doing other damage to the carriage.

130 years ago

Thursday, September 21, 1893

POWERSCOURT: Lost, Saturday morning, 2 colts, red colour, one 18 months and the other 4 years old. Please send word to Gabrel Prevost.

FRANKLIN: The weather continues changeable but as yet we have had very little frost, even the vines are not injured. Buckwheat is a heavy crop and hopes are entertained that it may be harvested safely. Everyone complains of potatoes rotting, and digging has become general. A repetition of last year’s scarcity is feared.

120 years ago

September 24, 1903

VALLEYFIELD: A gigantic specimen of a very rare fish in these waters, called a beaver fish [Editor’s note: likely a bowfin], was captured by lockmaster Joe Bertrand in the waste weir of the canal last Thursday. The fish was cut up before its value as a specimen for a natural history museum was known.

110 years ago

September 18, 1913

SAINT-LOUIS SHOW: … Was held on Wednesday of last week and was a success in every way. The day was fine and the exhibits large. This coupled with the presence of Hon. Mr. Decarie, Provincial Minister of the Interior, and the competitions for the special prizes, brought out the crowd and lightened the heart of Secretary Martin, who had worked hard to retrieve the last year. Mr and Mrs. E.A. Robert, M.L.A., encouraged the show by giving $185 in gold in special prizes. Mr. Robert divided his part amongst the stock, while Mrs. Robert gave the balance for bread, butter, and fancy work.

100 years ago

September 20, 1923

HUNTINGDON: PICTURES – Friday, September 21st, 1923 – Harold Lloyd in “Safety Last” – Laughs will come thick and fast in “Safety Last” – No advance in Prices. Don’t miss this one. COMING: Two nights, Friday and Saturday, September 28 and 29 – D.W. Griffith presents “Orphans of the Storm” … With Lillian and Dorothy Gish.

There has been an exodus of young people to McGill University this week. Huntingdon has more attending the university this fall than at any time in its record.

90 years ago

Wednesday, September 20, 1933

HUNTINGDON: Shetland Pony Classes Give Much Laughter – Ponies Race, Jump, Balk, and What Not, During Last Hour of Huntingdon Fair. … The jumping events were perhaps the most amusing as many of the ponies exhibited their balking instinct to perfection. The children were, however, quite fearless and seemed to be well able to handle their mounts.


80 years ago

Wednesday, September 22, 1943

OCTEGENARIAN EDITION: The Gleaner building, which was completed and occupied in 1939, … [has a] spacious lawn in front and many vines and flowers growing around it. The main doorway leads into the general office; the editorial, advertising, and Mr. A.L. Sellar’s office lead from this. The plant itself surrounds the offices and has a large floor space to accommodate the various machines and stock rooms. The building is situated in a nice part of Huntingdon and its surroundings blend well with the well-kept lawns in front. Huntingdon is proud of this building and plant, and it speaks well for the progressiveness of the town.

70 years ago

Wednesday, September 23, 1953

OLD-TIMERS BASEBALL GAME ON SUNDAY: This coming Sunday, September 27, an Oldtimers Baseball Game will be played on Cluff’s Field when the Oldtime Beavers and the Huntingdon Relics will match their skills in a battle that should prove most interesting. Also on the day’s program will be a batting and hitting contest and races for the children. Free ice cream will be passed out to every child present. There will be no admission charge, but a collection will be taken up to help the Ball Club defray expenses for the day.

60 years ago

Wednesday, September 25, 1963

COVEY HILL: A Memorial Service, honouring the early settlers of this community who, with some of their descendants are buried in the cemetery of Wesley Church, Covey Hill, was held on Sunday afternoon, September 15. It was a beautiful Fall day, with warm sunshine and a gentle breeze and so the service was held outside. Well over 300 relatives, friends, and visitors were seated in a large semi-circle around the front of the church. To the left were the massed choirs of Wesley Knox, Hemmingford and Riverfield United Churches. The organ had been brought out to the step and was played by Mrs. Emmett Cleland, organist at Wesley Knox.

HISTORICAL SOCIETY V.I.P. GUESTS: Members of the Chateauguay Valley Historical Society were delighted to learn at their December meeting that their guests of honour have accepted the invitation to speak at the October 19 Battle of Chateauguay Commemoration ceremonies at Allans’ Corners. The Federal Minister of Northern Affairs, the Honourable Arthur Laing and the Commissioner of the National Centennial Administration, Mr. John Fisher, have both stated that they will attend the ceremonies with considerable interest.

50 years ago

Wednesday, September 19, 1973

HUNTINGDON: It was like the day Old Nostalgia burned down when the bulldozer started levelling Huntingdon County Hospital this week. Scores of residents stopped to watch the demolition, many of them with fond memories of the old building. Never mind, a new hospital will rise from the rubble.

KEN DRYDEN: What have you done to us Canadiens fans? Oh, woe!

40 years ago

Wednesday, September 21, 1983

CVR: New CVR principal urges parents to get involved… [Bruce Patterson says] “…Our newly created computer centre will be showcased, and parents will be invited to witness students using the 15 microcomputers which have become our pride and joy.”

AN ART EXHIBITION of sketches by local artist Dwight Baird will run at Huntingdon’s Heritage House from November 1-20. Featured will be watercolour scenes from Baird’s tour of many European countries during 1982-83.

30 years ago

September 15, 1993

CHAMPIONS HONOURED: The Ormstown Girls’ Soccer team, winners of the 14-and-under division of the Portsmouth Cup competition in England this summer, were honoured at a special evening on Friday, Sept. 10 by the municipalities of Ormstown and St-Malachie. A reception at the Ormstown Recreation Hall was followed by a buffet dinner for the girls and their families hosted by Ormstown mayor Chrystian Soucy and his St-Malachie counterpart Harold Merson. During the dance which followed, the girls were presented with special team jackets by the municipalities. Framed certificates were handed out by team member Cindy Patterson.

20 years ago

September 17, 2003

HUNTINGDON RECOILS FROM SNAKE SIGHTING: No pet/exotic snakes in public places is the latest amendment Huntingdon Town Council has made to its Nuisance Bylaw during its September 2 monthly meeting, in response to reports this summer that residents were exhibiting exotic snakes in municipal parks and on the street. … The bylaw amendment has occurred while a resident running for the mayoralty complained of seeing residents with snakes wrapped around their arms and asked that the legislation banning their presence be adopted; however, Mayor André Brunette said the timing is purely coincidental.


10 years ago

September 23, 2013

NEW ENGLISH ONLINE COMMUNITY HUB UP AND RUNNING: We`re living in an online world, with instant updates and centralized information sources, where garage sales are now on Facebook and addresses are found on Google. This is the impetus behind Valley Junction, a new online community hub for the Chateauguay Valley. … In the fall, Valley Junction will be partnering with Chateauguay Valley Regional High School to offer an after-school program where students can write stories about local events, and develop their skills in Website management, multimedia, and writing.

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