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Châteauguay Valley Weather April 1-6, 2024

The flowers were beginning to do alright by themselves until April showers came down as snow last week. A total of 18 cm of wet, heavy snow accompanied by strong winds descended on the Valley mid-week, with more up on the Covey Hill.

The snow melted down to 25 mm of water, which indicates just how moisture-laden the snow was, and combined with the 21 mm of rain that fell leading up to the snow fall, April is off to a wet start. 46 mm of precipitation is over half a month’s worth in just 6 days!

Despite the snow, the average temperature stayed steady, starting and ending at +2.8°C, which would be about normal for the beginning of the month. The average temperature for April is +6.5°C, a target that will likely be reached, perhaps even exceeded, given that the nighttime lows will be much warmer than average for the remainder of the month.

True to the up and down nature of the weather this spring so far, farmers could be seen boiling a last run of sap around the Valley this past week as the maple trees deemed the weather appropriate to produce some more of the sweet stuff.


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