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Châteauguay Valley Weather April 1-8, 2023

The first week of April was cold and wet, and for many, it was also a week without power. Over half a month’s precipitation fell between last Wednesday and Thursday, with a quarter of that coming down as freezing rain, bringing down branches and shutting down the electrical grid in the process. 

All told, there was 48 mm of rain last week, of which 12 mm was freezing rain, bringing the month’s total to 50 mm of precipitation, or 60% of a normal month. Rivers and streams surged up to the top of their banks, and minor flooding was seen across several low-lying roads. Fortunately, there’s no frost left in the ground, so tile drains and culverts mostly worked well to remove excess surface water from fields and other open spaces.

Although early in the month, the average temperature was a brisk 2.6 degrees Celsius for the first eight days, with the normal for April being 6.5 degrees Celsius. The coming week will see a temperature surge with a couple of days forecast to reach 20 degrees Celsius. Nighttime temperatures won’t drop much from the normal daytime temperatures for April.

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