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Châteauguay Valley Weather April Summary May 1-4, 2024

April 2024 ended up being very wet and slightly above normal for temperature at the end of the month. The flowers are liking it fine but not so good for the farmers anxious to get out in the fields.

And there was 125 mm of precipitation, which is 4.9 inches and more than 50% above the usual for the month. The precipitation was made up of 18 cm snow at the beginning of the month, which melted down to 25 mm of water, and 100 mm of rain. 

Now that winter is officially over (we hope!), the winter of 2023-2024 turned out to be light on snow. From the first snow fall at the end of October through to the last flakes in April, precipitation as snow came in at 147 cm, or 58 inches, which is about half of what a winter’s worth of the white stuff used to be. Snowmobilers knew that without looking at the figures.

The average temperature climbed a bit in the last few days of April, bringing the average up to +7.3°C, which is slightly above the normal for the month of +6.5°C. The temperature recordings for the month-to-date were like a yo-yo, with day time highs pushing above +20.0°C on several occasions and a couple of nighttime lows that cooled to as much as -4.0°C at ground level.

With the air temperature close to the average, the ground temperature has been warming steadily despite the fact that there were only 8 cloud free days in April. The soil temperature, measured at 4 inches of depth and readings averaged over the last 7 days (both morning and evening) is now at 12.2°C (54°F), which is almost ready for corn to be planted. However, with continuing showers and rain forecast for the first half of May, it could be a few days yet before the seeders can get to work in earnest.

May 1-4

Not a lot to report at this early stage, the average temperature for the month is 14.3°C, and the average for the first 4 days was 13.4°C. There was 10 mm of rain in the same period, which is about average when extrapolated across the whole month, but not welcome right now after all the precipitation in April. 

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