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Châteauguay Valley Weather August summary 2022

August has provided all the ingredients necessary for a good crop. The average temperature, 21 degrees Celsius, was the tenth warmest in 55 years. Compare to last year’s average of 22.4 C; the 50-year average, 19.8 C; the 10-year average, 20.2 C; the coolest (1982), 17.5 C; and the warmest (2021), 22.4 C.

There were four days with a high temperature of 30 C or above, compared to 10 days during the record warmth of August 2021.

The average temperature, combined with 98 millimetres or 3.9 inches of rain, has produced surpluses of all forage requirements for cattle, as well as above-normal yields for spring cereals and winter wheat. It is to be determined if these good yields will extend to the grain corn and soybeans, but all appearances would lead in that direction. I doubt if the grain corn will equal the yield from last year. On the other hand, at this time last year, I did not expect to see a record yield either.

The corn heat units (CHU) for the month were 790 CHU; the ten-year average is 768 CHU. The total since planting on May 12 is 2683 CHU, which is two percent above normal.

I have been surprised all summer how a small rainfall could create puddles in low areas. I have discovered why: April saw 140 mm of rain; May, 112 mm; June, 193 mm; July, 61 mm; August, 98 – for a TOTAL of 604 mm, which is 40 percent above normal.

The accumulation in June was the only rain event which caused damage in the form of drowned-out areas in the annual crops. The extra precipitation during the other months has not been a problem for the growing crops, but at this point, a wet fall could cause harvesting problems.

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