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Chateauguay Valley Weather February 12-18, 2023

February warmed up a bit during the last week, in preparation, it seems, for going back down into the cold again at the end of this approaching week. More “yo-yo” weather which seems to be a hallmark of weather reporting in recent years.

The average temperature for February now sits at -5.8 degrees Celsius, up from -8.6 C from the previous week and considerably above the normal of -8.0 C. We started February at -17.0 C average temperature, warmed up enough to have a small run of maple sap in some sugar bushes, and now we’re headed into sub-zero temperatures for the rest of the month.

Precipitation for the last week included rain, freezing rain, and snow. The Valley received 11 millimetres of rain and 6 centimetres of snow in the past week, which melted down to 8 mm of water. The total for the month is now 28 mm of rain and freezing rain, and 16 cm of snow for total precipitation of 46 mm, which is actually slightly below normal.

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