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Châteauguay Valley Weather February 18-24, 2024

February has slowly become the winter we expect – but only just. Another yo-yo cycle is dominating the weather, dropping from a high of +7.0°C to -15.0°C in the space of one day on Friday at the end of last week, and then it will be going back up to +15.0°C in the next few days before descending rapidly to -15.0°C again at the end of next week!

The average temperature for the past week was -3.3°C, a one degree drop from the week before at -2.3°C, but still way above the normal of -8.0°C. Despite the relatively warm temperatures, February 2024 is likely to be only the 4th warmest in the last 57 years since records started being kept at the farm in Ormstown. The average temperature for February 1974 was -1.8°C and -0.4°C in 1981 – the year many apple trees in the Valley blossomed early due to the very warm temperatures in February and then were killed by the ensuing cold in March.

March is forecast to be above average for temperature, especially in the first week when the nighttime low will be higher than the average daytime high for seven of the first nine days, and nighttime lows will be well above average for almost the entire month. When the maple sap starts running, it is likely to be fast and furious and done in a few days.

There was only 2 cm of  snow during the last week, bringing the month’s total to 19 cm which melted down to 14 mm of water, bringing the total precipitation for the month to 16 mm, which is only one-fifth of normal.

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