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Châteauguay Valley Weather February 5-11, 2023

After the ups and downs of January (warm and wet), we finally had a week of ‘normal’ weather this past week, and even that was punctuated with some springtime temperatures towards the end of the week.

The average temperature for February now sits at -8.6 degrees Celsius; the normal is -8.0 degrees Celsius. Remember, the first days of February were at -17.0 degrees Celsius average temperature; last Thursday, the daytime high hit +7.0 degrees Celsius.

But ‘normal’ is unlikely to last, with temperatures forecast to be considerably above normal through the third week of February and close to or over +10 degrees Celsius by the end of the week. With little frost in the ground and warm temperatures ahead, the prospect of an early run of maple sap seems likely.

Precipitation for February has also been ‘normal’, although that includes both rain and snow. The Valley received 16.8 mm of rain and 7 cm of snow in the past week, giving the area 26 mm of total precipitation, which is about normal. Despite the rain, the snowpack held firm and now sits at a depth of 25 cm.

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