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Châteauguay Valley Weather January 21-27, 2024

A bit of yo-yo weather in the past week as temperatures moved about and snow switched to freezing rain and back again.

The average temperature for the first four weeks of January settled at -5.1°C, a slight increase over the previous week at -5.5°C but still three degrees above the normal of -8.6°C. With slightly above average temperatures for the remainder of the month, the average temperature will end up above normal and somewhere in the range of the 6th warmest January in the last 57 years that records have been kept at the farm in Ormstown.

One of the trends we’re keeping an eye on is the increasing tendency of average temperatures to warm more at night than during the day. In effect, the increase in the nighttime lows (to be less cold) is much more pronounced than the increase in daytime highs. For example, on 26 and 27 January, the nighttime low was over two degrees warmer than the historic daytime high. Even though the daytime high was 4°C higher than normal, the nighttime low was 16°C higher than normal. 

Over the last year, when average temperatures were higher than normal, 60% of the time this was due to an increase in the nighttime low, and only 40% due to an increase in the daytime high. This trend will be evident for the next two weeks as the forecast calls for warmer than normal nights. But all will be back to ‘winter’ normal for the third week of February as average temperatures, both during the day and the night, will plunge well below normal.

January continued to receive precipitation for each week, and there was another 2 cm of snow in the past week, accompanied by 17 mm of rain and freezing rain. That brings precipitation so far this month to 26 mm of rain and 49 cm of snow, which melted down to 46 mm of water, for a total of 72 mm of precipitation, which is about normal.

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