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Châteauguay Valley Weather January 7-13, 2024

January 2024 continues to be warm and wet, a trend since the beginning of the winter and, at the current pace, January is threatening to be warmer than December! With some colder weather in the forecast, that probably won’t happen but the reliability of forecasts these days is very questionable given the recent predictions for big snowstorms that turned out to be less snow and more rain.

The average temperature for the first two weeks of the month settled at  -3.7°C, a good degree above the first week and well above the normal of -8.6°C – that’s almost five degrees warmer than normal. Who needs to go down south? Which is not an exaggeration as I spotted the bald eagle that can be seen above the waters of the Châteauguay River on occasion, no doubt hanging around because with no ice to speak of on the rivers and streams, food is still available.

Precipitation in January has been coming in waves with three major storms over the space of the last 8 days. The second and third storms in the last week left 9 mm of rain and 20 cm of snow, which melted down to 20 mm of water. This brings the total for the first two weeks to 9 mm of rain and 30 cm of snow, for a total of 43 mm of precipitation, which is slightly above normal for the time of month.

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