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Châteauguay Valley Weather – June 2023

June ended much closer to normal than it looked even after the third week. Warmer temperatures and more rain brought the averages up, and the corn heat units (CHU) also did some catching up. The deluge on the night of July 1 – 73 mm in six hours, equivalent to a month’s worth of rain – removed any vestiges of the dry spell that had persevered over May and June. It also got rid of the smog!

Total precipitation for June ended up at 67 mm, slightly below normal, but doubled instantly into a surplus within one day on July 1. Comparative average precipitation in nearby Environment Canada weather stations were similar but 92 mm in St-Clotilde and 158 mm in Lennoxville!

The average temperature ended up right on the button at 18.7 degrees Celsius, with the normal being 18.6 C. There were only four days when the daytime temperature was 30 C or higher, which is a couple of days below the average.

The corn heat unit (CHU) count also started to catch up and ended June at 662 CHU, while the average for the month is 655 CHU. Since the May 10th start date for the heat unit count, the total recorded is now 1002 CHU for the 2023 cropping season. Normal for the same time period in previous years is 1063 CHU, so pretty close on a relative basis and pretty good considering the cool periods this past spring.

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