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Châteauguay Valley Weather June 2024 Summary

Despite the ‘yo-yo’ weather that we have experienced in June 2024, it ended up warm and wet overall. The fact that there were 7 days in the month when the temperature exceeded 30°C was offset by two nights when the ground temperature hovered close to zero at night, 2°C on the night of June 15th and 4°C on the night of June 28th. 

The average temperature for the month finished at 20°C, up slightly from the week before at 19.9°C but well above the normal for the entire month, which is 18.6°C. June 2024 was the 4th warmest in the last 57 years since records started being kept on the farm in Ormstown. The warmest was 2005 (21.6°C), followed by 2021 (21.0°C) and 1999 (20.6°C)

With the warm weather, the corn heat unit (CHU) count continued to aggregate nicely and ended at CHU for the month of June, which compares nicely with the normal of 655 CH. The total for the season starting on May 19 is now 1008 CHU, and for those who managed to plant corn in the first half of May, the accumulated total will be as much as 200 CHU higher. Both these numbers compare well with the 10-year average of 1063 CHU.


Knee high by the first of July The 2024 season is well ahead of the old adage for measuring the pace of corn growth as Gordon Finlayson clearly demonstrates out in the field at the farm in Ormstown PHOTO Hugh Maynard


The rain was quite regular and sometimes heavy in the last half of the month, resulting in June becoming a wet month. There was a total of 45 mm of rain in the last week of June, bringing the total for the month to 113 mm. Surface puddles can be seen in numerous fields and later planted crops, such as soybeans and cannery peas, are showing the yellowish tinge on their leaves indicative of too much moisture.

While the corn has been lapping up the heat and moisture, the second batch of strawberries has been slow to ripen, delayed by the timing of the cool periods. Blueberries have started to make their appearance on the shelves of the farm kiosks in the region, and the main crop is just a few sunny days away from being harvested.

July is forecast to be slightly warmer than normal but more due to warmer nights than overly hot days. The daytime highs throughout the month are forecast to be mostly 27-28°C with only one day reaching 30°C. Precipitation is forecast to be moderate with increasing thunderstorm activity towards the end of the month.

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