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Châteauguay Valley Weather June 9-15 2024

June is turning out to be a ‘yo-yo’ month – warm, cool, then hot and finally average. After some initial warmth, the second week of the month cooled off by nearly two degrees and, on Saturday night, the ground temperature dropped to 2°C (6°C in the weather box which is five feet above ground).

The average temperature for the month now stands at 18.5°C, down from 20.4°C in the first week. The normal for the entire month is 18.6°C. But there’s heat coming again, with mid-week temperatures forecast to be around 35°C for the daytime high, with nighttime lows above average as well.

There was 9 mm of rain during the past week, bringing the month-to-date total to 41 mm, which is about average.

With the cooler weather of the past week, the corn heat unit (CHU) count now stands at 323 CHU for the first two weeks of June which, when compared with the normal for the entire month (655 CHU), it’s right on the money. The total for the season starting on May 19 is now 609 CHU, and that number will no doubt advance substantially during the coming week given the forecast of very high temperatures.

A lot of corn is already knee high, which puts it two weeks ahead of the July 1 target date. Strawberries are also out on the market in abundance, also a week ahead of schedule, and the blueberries and apples are ripening at an accelerated pace so they too should be available early.

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