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Chateauguay Valley Weather November 1-11, 2023

November is ticking along pretty normal so far, although a couple of light snowfalls have made it seem more wintery than it actually is. The average temperature was 3.7 degrees Celsius, which is down from 4.4 C the previous week and moving closer to the monthly average of 2.9 C. It won’t last, as the forecast for the coming week is for above-average temperatures both during the daytime and at night, and the nighttime temperatures are forecast to be warmer than normal for the remainder of the month also.

Precipitation is pretty much normal as well, although even normal amounts of rain and snow make it seem wet after the deluge in October. There have been 14 millimetres of rain and 5 centimetres of snow so far in November, with the snow melting down to 7.8 mm of water for a total precipitation of 22 mm – right on average for one-third of the month.

The corn harvest has started in earnest and most fields should be combined before the +20 mm of rain forecast for the end of the third week of the month.

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