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Weather Report

Châteauguay Valley Weather November 14-20, 2021

Peter Finlayson, Ormstown Weatherman

Despite the average temperature dropping last week, it’s still warmer than normal, largely due to warmer than usual nights. The month-to-date sits at 4.5° C, and the previous week it was at 5.4° C. The normal for November is 2.9° C.

Even though precipitation for the month thus far is around average, the fields are quite wet due to the deluge at the end of October. There was another 28 mm of rain in the last week, bringing the month to 46 mm. Given the sad situation unfolding in BC . . . no complaints!

Progress in completing the corn harvest has been slowed by the wet conditions but continues nonetheless. Despite their size, modern dual-wheel combines have good traction without making big ruts and enough storage capacity so that the tractors and wagons don’t have to venture too far into the mucky fields when it comes time to unload the combine.

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