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Chateauguay Valley weather report April 15-27, 2024

April has turned out to be very wet and will be slightly above normal by the end of the month. A pretty good mix for the flowers, but not so good for the farmers anxious to get out in the fields.

The average temperature stayed pretty close to the week before, dipping a smidge from 7.0 degrees Celsius to 6.9 C; the normal for the month is 6.5 C. The temperature recordings for the month to date were, again, like a yo-yo, with daytime highs pushing above 20.0 C on several occasions and a couple of nighttime lows that cooled to as much as -4.0 C at ground level. The air temperature during the early morning of April 26 in the recording station (about six feet above ground level) dipped to -7.0 C.

And there was also more rain, another 21 millimetres, bringing the month-to-date total to 119 mm, which is almost 50 per cent more than the usual month. The precipitation is made up of 18 centimetres of snow at the beginning of the month, which melted down to 25 mm of water, and 94 mm of rain. With more showers forecast before the end of the month, we’re not done yet.

May Forecast

May is looking to be on the cool side, with only average or below-average temperatures for most of the month. There will be a brief warm spell during the first few days, but after that the daytime highs won’t get much past 20.0 C for the rest of the month. Some rain or showers are forecast for every week except the last one, but lots of sunshine in between.

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