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Chateauguay Valley weather report December 1-9, 2023

Even though it is early days yet for December it is, so far, a month of weather extremes. The average temperature for the first couple of days was much warmer than normal, especially the nights which were as much as eight degrees Celsius higher than the average nighttime low for the date. The warmth didn’t last long, though, as temperatures then plunged 10 degrees below normal, hitting -15.5 C early on Friday morning.

Once all was added up, however, the average temperature for the first nine days of the month was -2.7 C, while the average for the entire month (for the last ten years) is -4.5 C. With above-average temperatures forecast for the remainder of December, particularly at night, the month is likely to stay warmer than usual.

Total precipitation for December so far is 52 millimetres, which was made up of 24 mm of rain and 20 centimetres of snow which melted down to 28 mm of water. This represents approximately twice the normal amount of precipitation for just nine days into the month, and with another wallop of rain and snow forecast for the beginning of the coming week, December is likely to be wet.

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