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Chateauguay Valley Weather Report January 14-20, 2024

The arctic part of winter finally arrived in the last week, as temperatures plummeted to what one would normally expect in the month of January.

The average temperature for the first three weeks of the month settled at -5.5 degrees Celsius, almost two degrees lower than the week before (-3.7 C) but still three degrees above the normal of -8.6 C. Not only was it cold during the last week; the average temperatures were also well below normal during the daytime.

But it won’t last, as temperatures, particularly the nighttime lows, are forecast to move upwards again for another week of warmer days. Enjoy it while it lasts, as February is forecast to be much colder than normal, both during the day and at night.

January continued to receive precipitation for each week, and there was another 17 centimetres of snow in the past one. Because it was very light and fluffy, the snow melted down to only 9 millimetres of water, bringing total precipitation for the month so far to 9 mm of rain and 47 cm of snow for a total of 52 mm of moisture once the snow is melted down, which is about average.

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