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Chateauguay Valley weather report July 1-6, 2024

July has started off as one would expect July to start off – hot and humid. The average temperature for the month is 21.2 degrees Celsius, while the average temperature for the first week was 22.7 C, so we’re off to a good start with three days in that period with 30 C or higher – with more to come! The hot days were also assisted by warm nights, with the nighttime lows staying above average.

With the warm weather, the corn heat unit (CHU) count continued to aggregate nicely and ended at 163 CHU for the first week of July, which compares nicely with the prorated normal of 155 CH. Normal for the entire month is 799 CHU and the total for the season starting on May 19 is now 1171 CHU. For those who managed to plant corn in the first half of May, the accumulated total will be as much as 200 CHU higher.

The rain was intermittent and largely connected with localized thunderstorms. The total accumulation for the first week was 12 millimetres, which is about half of normal.

The corn has been lapping up the heat and humidity, growing from 4 feet high at the beginning of the week and finishing at 5.5 feet at the end – phenomenal growth. Soybeans and peas are coming along nicely with the hot temperatures and reduced rainfall, but of course the strawberries are almost done under the same meteorological conditions. Blueberries are in full swing for the season, at least a week ahead of the normal schedule, and with the heat and humidity, some farms are looking at having sweet corn ready by next week. Unbelievable!

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