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Chateauguay Valley weather report July 1 – 9, 2022

July has turned the opposite to June with very little rain so far this month – a total of 2 millimetres. A welcome respite for those making hay, but gardeners and horticultural operations will have to get the hoses out.

The month so far has been quite cool, with the average temperature now sitting at 19.7 degrees Celsius: nearly a degree and a half below the monthly normal of 21.1 C. There have been a few nights with overnight lows in the single digits, hence the lower average temperature.

The corn heat units (CHU) are following the same trend, with 219 CHU so far for the month. The normal for the month is 799 CHU, so on a prorated basis the CHUs should be at 232. Since May 12, total CHU accumulation is 1280, with normal being 1295 CHU.

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