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Chateauguay Valley weather report June 16-22, 2024

June has turned out to be a “yo-yo” month – warm, cool, then hot, and finally cool again. Despite the fact that June has already experienced seven days with temperatures above 30 degrees Celsius, the average temperature for the month is likely to be only slightly higher than normal.

That average now stands at 19.9 C: up from 18.5°C last week, but still below the first week, which was 20.4 C. The normal for the entire month is 18.6 C. The thermometer hit 33.4 C last Wednesday in Ormstown and 33.9 C at the Environment Canada weather station in Saint-Anicet; the four consecutive days above 30 C gave the crops, especially the corn, a significant boost.

With the warmer weather last week, the corn heat unit (CHU) count jumped up nicely and now stands at 511 CHU for the first three weeks of June which, when compared with the normal for the entire month (655 CHU), is slightly above normal. The total for the season starting on May 19 is now 797 CHU, and that number will no doubt advance further as the forecast for July is for at least a week of daytime highs over 30°C.

The rain continued to appear on a regular basis, giving the month of June the appearance of being wet when it is, so far, just average. Another 25 millimetres of rain fell in the last week, bringing the monthly total to 66 mm. With the rain that has fallen in the last week of the month, June will be at least average for moisture, maybe even a bit wetter.

The corn, boosted by the heat and moisture, is already three to four feet high; strawberries are out on the market in abundance, and the blueberries and sweet corn are ahead of schedule and will be available well before the end of July.

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