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Chateauguay Valley weather report March 10-16, 2024

March is following February with average temperatures that are considerably above normal – but not yet a record. After the first two weeks of the month, the average temperature is now at 3.4 degrees Celsius; the first week was 3.1 C and the normal is -1.4 C.

The record warm March in the last 57 years, since records have been kept on the farm in Ormstown, was 4 °C in 2012. However, the third week of March is forecast to be colder than normal before reverting to normal average temperatures in the last week, so despite the current warmth, March 2024 is not likely to be a record breaker.

After a dry February, March has continued quite wet with a total of 70 millimetres of rain and melted snow in the first two weeks, which is nearly twice the average if extrapolated across the entire month. The snow “storm” at the beginning of the week only deposited five centimetres of snow, which was pretty much all gone within a day or so.

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