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Chateauguay Valley weather report May 6-11, 2024

The beginning of May has been on the cool side, and although there hasn’t been a lot of rain, it has been frequent enough to keep the farmers out of their fields given that the soil has been saturated with water since the beginning of April.

The average temperature dropped a half a degree during the last week, down from 13.4 degrees Celsius to 12.9 C. The normal for the entire month is 14.3 C. Surprisingly, the ground temperature has continued to warm up, now registering an average of 15.5 C (60 degrees Farenheit), which is more than sufficient to plant corn. The soil temperature is measured at four inches of depth and readings averaged over the last seven days (both morning and evening).

However, with continuing showers and rain forecast during the first two weeks of May, it has been a challenge to get cultivation equipment in the fields, let alone getting any seeding done. There were 22 millimetres of rain in the last week, bringing the total to 32 mm for the early days of the month, which is about normal precipitation.

The remainder of the month is forecast to be cool during the daytime with intermittent shower activity throughout. The warmest day is forecast to be only 24 C but the one bright spot is there is no frost in sight. Nighttime temperatures will be above normal for most of May, which will be a relief for many after the severe frost at the end of May 2023.

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