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Chateauguay Valley weather report November 1-25, 2023

With November being more than three-quarters done, the month is a little cooler and a little dryer than normal – not that you would know it, from the puddles that can be seen in fields across the Valley.

The average temperature so far this month has dropped slowly but steadily, starting at 3.7 degrees Celsius and now down to 2.4 C. The normal for the month is 2.9 C, and with below-freezing temperatures at night for the remaining days of the month, a colder-than-normal average temperature will be on the record books for November 2023.

December is also forecast to be cooler than normal and will get very cold with nighttime lows of -15 C in the week between Christmas and New Year’s. This is also the forecast for most of the month of January, 2024 – not much chance for freezing rain storms this year!

Total precipitation for November is now 50 millimetres, with 20 mm of rain and 1 centimetre of snow being added in the third week of the month. Normal for this time of the month would be more than 70 mm of precipitation, so it seems strange to feel the ground in the garden still squishy and to see the tile drains still emptying water into the ditches. The answer, of course, is that the ground is still saturated from twice the normal rainfall received in October, and the cool weather has reduced the rate of evaporation. Despite the sloppy conditions, the corn harvest looks to be pretty much done for 2023.

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