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Châteauguay Valley Weather Week of April 3-9, 2022

As we approach the mid-mark of April, the month is looking cool and wet. We can only hope that it leads to May flowers!

The average temperature now sits at +5.0 degrees Celsius, which is a big jump from the +2.8 degrees Celsius for the first few days but still below the normal of +6.5 degrees Celsius. The cooler weather has helped extend the maple season into the first ten days of the month, but the buds on the trees are now in evidence, so it is close to the end.

Since the beginning of the month, there has been 53 mm of rain, with most that coming last Thursday and Friday. The tile drainage was running overtime, and the creeks and ditches filled back up to the top, given that we received two weeks of precipitation in just two days.

The rest of the month is forecast to be much of the same with daytime highs mostly in the range of only 10-15 degrees celsius and periods of shower or rain activity at least once a week.

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