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Chateauguay Valley Weather week of January 6-12, 2020

by Peter Finlayson, Ormstown Weatherman
The Valley lucked out with the big storm that passed through southern Quebec during the night of Saturday, January 11th and into Sunday, January 12th.

The forecast for large amounts of freezing rain turning to snow ended up as rain turning to sleet and ice pellets and then a smaller amount of snow (Montreal received mostly snow).

Total precipitation for the month now is 61 mm, which is almost a full month’s worth in less than two weeks. There has been 47 mm of rain, freezing rain and sleet, and another 14 cm of snow which melted down to 14 mm of water.

The temperature has been running way above average despite a few cold nights. The average temperature for the last week was -1.4 degrees, the previous week was +1.9 degrees and the normal for the month is -8.6 degrees – January so far has been mild.

Saturday, January 11th hit a daytime high of 13.5 degrees. While this may be a record for the date, it is now not unusual to have daytime highs in the teens during the first half of January – the 12th last year hit 15.5 degrees.

And the warm weather means the ice on the Chateauguay River is already on the move. Even though the ice is up to a foot thick in places, it has begun to break up and cause jams at narrow spots and bridges given that water levels are high.

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