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Community groups celebrate the CDC du Haut-Saint-Laurent’s silver anniversary

The Corporation de Développement Communautaire (CDC) du Haut-Saint-Laurent celebrated its 25th anniversary with a gathering of its members on January 25 at the Alfred-Langevin Cultural Hall in Huntingdon.

More than 75 representatives from municipal, provincial, and federal organizations joined with elected officials and members of the CDC’s network of community-based groups and organizations to salute the CDC’s quarter-century of leadership in the milieu. The occasion proved to be an important opportunity for representatives to come together to discuss some of the current issues facing the Haut-Saint-Laurent community. The event also served as a potent reminder of the strength of the local network and the significant role played by the CDC in connecting everyone around the table.

Anik De Repentigny, the president of the CDC’s board of directors, congratulated the team behind the CDC for its formidable work, while pointing out the organization gets its strength from its members. “We can really be proud of the CDC, of its members, and the organization as a whole,” she said of the milestone.


The executive director of the CDC du Haut Saint Laurent Rémi Pelletier and the president of its board of directors Anik De Repentigny unveiled the organizations new logo during the 25th anniversary celebrations alongside Huntingdon mayor André Brunette Salaberry Suroît MP Claude DeBellefeuille and Huntingdon MNA Carole Mallette PHOTO Chantal Hortop


Salaberry-Suroît MP Claude DeBellefeuille also congratulated the CDC while recognizing the work of its members as agents of change. “Social change is not easy to achieve,” she said, of the dedication of each member organization to making a difference within the community. “It takes time. It takes perseverance; and, above all, it takes action!” she exclaimed. She praised the CDC’s ability to bring together actors from the community, municipal, and business sectors, before wishing a long life to the organization. “The challenges on the horizon are just as significant as the ones we have already faced,” she concluded, suggesting the CDC will continue to play an important role in the Haut-Saint-Laurent for years to come. Accolades were also delivered by Huntingdon MNA Carole Mallette, and Huntingdon mayor André Brunette.

A new look

During the event, CDC executive director Rémi Pelletier proudly unveiled the organization’s new image, which was updated to convey a message about the global climate emergency and social issues affecting the community. The new logo, which was created by the Salaberry-de-Valleyfield-based Zel communication agency, integrates colors from the #showyourstripes climate change awareness movement, and the now iconic warming stripes used to depict long term temperature trends. The logo uses a clear, easy-to-read font and represents the dynamism of the community sector, social justice, and solidarity.

Along with the new logo, the CDC du Haut-Saint-Laurent also debuted a collective piece of artwork started by local artist Audrée Bourdeau that was completed by those present at the event. The CDC supports 40 different organizations, which together represent over 7000 members. The painting, which represents the strength and scope of the CDC’s network, will be displayed at the entrance to the organization’s offices in Huntingdon which are currently being renovated.

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