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Crivert celebrates 40 years of environmental action

Over 60 people gathered on June 9 at the Club Nautique in Valleyfield to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the ecological organization Crivert.

As the oldest environmental group in the province, Crivert has been instrumental in inspiring change since the non-profit was founded on June 19, 1983. The “Cri” represents the urgency to speak out and act, and the group’s presence is just as important now as it was 40 years ago when the environmental movement was just gaining its voice.


Sylvain Leblanc a political attaché for Beauharnois MNA Claude Reid presented Denis Gervais and Francine Poupard with the Medal of the National Assembly during Criverts anniversary celebrations in Salaberry de Valleyfield PHOTO Sarah Rennie


From tree-planting campaigns in the MRC de Beauharnois-Salaberry and the creation of an arboretum, to the development of a walking tour of Valleyfield’s parks and remarkable trees, to tree inventory and characterization services, recycling programs, and educational programs – Crivert continues to raise awareness of local environmental issues through the publication of its Verdure newsletter, conference presentations, organized outings in nature, and informative kiosks.

Those present for the event included Salaberry-Suroît MP Claude DeBellefeuille, who is a pioneer of Crivert; the mayor of Salaberry-de-Valleyfield, Miguel Lemieux; and representatives for Beauharnois MNA Claude Reid, and Huntingdon MNA Carole Mallette. Several of the founding members of the organization were also present, as well as current and past members of the board of directors including Denis Gervais and past president Francine Poupard.


Salaberry Suroît MP Claude DeBellefeuille presented Crivert president David Bibeau Lemieux with a certificate commemorating the environmental organizations 40th anniversary on June 9 PHOTO Sarah Rennie


During a special presentation, certificates of recognition were awarded to the organization from the federal and provincial deputies as well as the city of Valleyfield, which presented the group with a beautiful plaque. Both Gervais and Poupard were then presented with the medal of the National Assembly for their devotion to the group and its valuable mission.

Representatives from area ecological and environmental groups were also there, including Ambioterra, the Société de conservation et d’aménagement des bassins versants de la Zone Chateauguay (SCABRIC), the Amis de la réserve nationale de faune du Lac Saint-François, the Mouvement d’action regional en environnement (MARE), the Centre d’intendance écologique Latreille (CIEL), the Comité ZIP du Haut-Saint-Laurent, and the Comité pour la réhabilitation de la rivière Chateauguay.

In a speech, Crivert president David Bibeau Lemieux noted several activities would be taking place throughout the year to celebrate the group’s anniversary, including the planting of 40 trees in Valleyfield. He referred to the group as a “small, but mighty” organization that is hoping to attract new members, so it can continue to press for change as issues such as climate change and environmental degradation will only continue to become more pressing.

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