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CSSVT schools to remain open during eclipse

The Centre de services scolaire de la Vallée-des-Tisserands (CSSVT) has decided it will not
eclipse an important education opportunity for its students and will remain open during the
astronomical event on April 8.

A communication to parents of students attending CSSVT schools acknowledges the total
solar eclipse will take place during dismissal and the return home at the elementary and
secondary levels. The CSSVT explains that according to the Ministère de la Santé et des
Services sociaux (MSSS), being outdoors during the eclipse does not represent a health
hazard so long as individuals avoid looking directly at the sun without protective glasses.

The statement refers to the astronomical phenomenon as a unique opportunity to stimulate
children’s curiosity about science while practicing vigilance. The CSSVT will have special
measures in place to ensure the safety of all students during the event. Generally, all
students will receive a pair of certified glasses. No evaluations will take place at the
elementary and secondary level, and all outdoor activities during the eclipse will be
restricted to educational activities. The afternoon break at the secondary level will take
place indoors.

End of day precautions

As the eclipse will take place during dismissal, school transportation at the elementary level
will be suspended in the afternoon. Parents will be required to provide transport either
during lunch hour or after classes have ended. Students will not be allowed to leave the
school alone during the eclipse, and supervision will be provided free of charge for children
who normally walk or who rely on the bus. School daycare services will remain open.

At the secondary level, school bus service will generally be maintained; however, each
school will communicate a specific transportation plan to families. Parents will be able to
pick up their children over the lunch hour, before the start of the eclipse, or at the end of
classes. A waiting area will be made available to students who do not have parental

permission to leave the school alone. For students who normally walk, the CSSVT is advising
the wearing of a hat with a brim.

There are no disruptions to the regular schedule for students at vocational and adult
education centres. Outdoor activities during the eclipse will be limited. Bus transportation
will be maintained, and each school will communicate any specific plans to students.

The CSSVT states that any additional information on awareness-raising activities, supervision
services, and general conduct for the day will be forwarded by each establishment to
families before April 8. (SR)

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