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CVR hosts Dungeons and Dragons game-a-thon

Twenty-five bright adventurers from Chateauguay Valley Regional High School embarked on a 24-hour quest on May 16, where they faced off against everything from a pirate crew, myconids, aberrations, monstrosities, to an Undying King and beyond, as part of the first Dungeons and Dragons game-a-thon.

CVR’s Keepers of the Valley worked over the three weeks prior to the event to find pledges to support them in their bid to save the world, both in and outside of the game. As a result, the students raised over $1,800 to be donated to the Montreal Children’s Hospital. “I am really proud of them,” says teacher and Dungeon Master Enrico Savastano, who admits many of the students were forced outside their comfort zones as part of the fundraiser. Savastano says that the school’s Dungeons and Dragons club, which started three years ago with a handful of students, has now swelled to include 60 adventurers, requiring the recruitment more Dungeon Masters.

Under the leadership of the four Dungeon Masters, the game-a-thon included students from all grade levels and several CVR alumni stopped by to join in. The students slept at the school and all meals were prepared on site by Brandon Borland, a Dungeon Master and chef, and his team of sous chefs. “We tried to make it very medieval-tavern-inn style,” says Savastano of the meals.


CVR hosted the first Dungeons and Dragons game a thon on May 16 where 25 adventurers played the role playing game for 24 hours to raise funds for the Montreal Childrens Hospital<br >PHOTO Facebook Chateauguay Valley Regional High School


Savastano says that together, the players experienced heroic tabletop acrobatics to save an ally from certain doom, as well as some legendary double-crossing, incredible role-play moments, some great rolls of the dice – and generally had a great time.

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