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CVR Prom 2019: Heavy horses rather than heavy hearts

Chantal Hortop

Graduating students from Chateauguay Valley Regional High School celebrated in style at Prom Day on June 28. Though many students arrived in traditional motorized vehicles, at least one couple decided to go “old school:” Jenna Rember and Louis Archambault arrived in a wagon pulled by a show-ready six-horse hitch, with some help from McLaughlin Clydesdales from Haley Station, Ontario, whose horses many may have seen at Desjardins Expo Ormstown.

CVR Prom organizer Lynn Harper says From the beautiful dresses to the exciting entrances it was a day to remember surely one of the most exciting entrances must have been Jenna Rember and Louis Archambault arriving behind a team of Clydesdales driven by Scott McClintock photo courtesy of Brianna Rember Photography

Prom organizer Lynn Harper says “From the beautiful dresses to the exciting entrances, it was a day to remember.” After making their grand entrances at CVR, grads headed to the Old Port of Montreal, where they boarded the Cavalier Maxim cruise ship. While cruising the St. Lawrence River to the eastern tip of the island and back, they enjoyed not only dinner and dancing but also a “high-flying acrobatic performance,” she said. Though the evening marked the end of their time at CVR, the exuberant celebration surely lifted the spirits of anyone feeling forlorn about the end of high school.

Harper says: “Prom 2019 was a huge success – an event which celebrated this unique group of students!”

Grads came decked out in their very finest to celebrate the end of their time at CVR photo courtesy of Yvette Harper

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Paul Robinson 2019-07-05 at 22:37

I don’t get the title at all? Where would the “Heavy Hearts” factor in.

The Gleaner 2019-07-06 at 10:38

Hi Paul! Thank you for your feedback – I’ve added in a sentence that I hope clarifies the title, which referred to the fact that some grads might have heavy hearts at the thought of leaving high school. Best regards, ~ Chantal


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