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Dancer gets kids popping at Heritage

Avery Feeny and Edmund Morrissey, Grade 6, Heritage Elementary

Dancer Melody Chaktoura had all the students moving at Heritage Elementary School in Huntingdon on March 26. Chaktoura, who is the director of the No Gravity Dance Academy based in Salaberry-de-Valleyfield, led interesting, energetic, and unique workshops where students learned hip-hop and popping dance techniques.


Students at Heritage Elementary took part in dance workshops with Melody Chaktoura of the No Gravity Dance Academy on March 26 PHOTOS Sarah Rennie

This event was organized in partnership with Mckenzie Hooker, who is a community learning centre technician with the New Frontiers School Board, with funds provided by LEARN Quebec. The activity was a surprise for the students, and according to one student, “It was an entertaining break from the monotony that is school.”

Principal James Furey says, “The reason why we invite guests is to expose [the students] to new ideas and broaden their experiences. It’s a new opportunity that a lot of kids don’t get.”

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