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Darragh Trucking goes big for Genie in a Bottle

This past summer’s successful Big Iron semi truck and classic car show in Huntingdon has generously benefited the Genie in a Bottle organization. On October 5, representatives from Darragh Trucking, which organized the show, presented Shirley and Esther Cavanaugh of Genie in a Bottle with a cheque for $5,000.

“We are very humbled that they thought of us, and we are thankful for them and for all of the community support,” says Shirley Cavanaugh, who spearheads the Godmanchester-based organization that collects recyclables and donates the proceeds to local and cancer-related causes.


PHOTO Sarah Rennie


“We chose Genie in a Bottle because we love what Shirley is doing,” says Janice Elément of Darragh Trucking. The company has been instrumental in helping to store and transport the recyclable materials that are collected by the organization.

Next year’s Big Iron semi truck and classic car show will take place on June 15 at the Huntingdon fairgrounds and will benefit another local organization or charity. (SR)

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