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DeBellefeuille focuses on promoting French

MP for the Salaberry-Suroît riding, Claude DeBellefeuille, has presented, on behalf of the Bloc Quebecois, a bill that aims to promote the French language. She officially tabled her proposals in the house of commons on Monday, February 7. According to DeBellefeuille, this bill emphasizes French as the language of the workplace as well as the language of integration.

Currently, all Quebecers have the right to work in French, meaning a Quebec worker can receive all communications from his employer in French, as well as access all work tools in French. “People who have a job in companies under federal jurisdiction are not entitled to this type of minimum protection. We are talking about companies like Air Canada,” says DeBellefeuille.

This bill also asserts French as the “welcome language” of the province. “In Canada, to obtain citizenship, you must first take a test either in French or in English. What I am asking is simply to ensure that if someone wishes to become citizen in Quebec, they should take this test in French,” says DeBellefeuille, adding that, in her opinion, this measure will facilitate the integration of newcomers.

In a press release on the matter, DeBellefeuille states that she “is aware that the language issue can lead to emotional debates. [My] intention is to elevate the discussion and invite members of all parties to a measured and reasoned debate. I believe that the vitality of the English-speaking community in our region, and the ties that unite us, clearly demonstrate that the protection of French is in respect and solidarity, without stifling anyone.”

Debates on this bill in the house of commons will begin in March of 2022. (RP)

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