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Dek Hockey Hemmingford wraps up big busy season

The Hemmingford Sports Committee (HSC) has concluded its second dek hockey season. The Hemmingford league was founded last year at the same time as the Ligue de Dek Hockey de la Frontière, which also includes Saint-Chrysostome, Sainte-Clotilde, and Napierville. Dek hockey is played on a non-ice surface (the deck, or “dek”) with a ball, plastic stick, and running shoes.

This year the season featured leagues for men, women, and juniors. The HSC’s founders, Devon Watt and Véronique Laramée-Paquette, explain that they put a lot of effort into ctreating something for every age. The committee also hosted the junior end-of-year championship.

There were multiple teams in each division. Dek Hemmingford doubled its number of junior players, with five teams competing in the league. It also had enough adult players to host four full women’s teams and four full men’s teams, resulting in a local adult league for each category.

 Watt and Laramée-Paquette said that their aspirations increased in 2023 by offering not only dek hockey, but soccer and softball as well. With a great team of volunteers, they were able to offer all three sports at junior levels, with soccer and dek offered for adults.


The junior tournament was a huge success for the dek hockey league The day was made possible by the Hemmingford Sports Committee volunteers PHOTO Lanna DM Photo


HSC has also spent this year organizing many community events as fundraisers for the various sports leagues, including the winter classic earlier this year, a quiz night, a washers tournament, and a volleyball tournament.

The two mention some highlights from the season, including the increased participation and registration with entire families played at multiple levels, despite many of the adults having never played dek hockey before.

As well, the volunteers of the HSC, with some financial help from the municipalities, built a complete dek terrace with bleachers, a viewing area, and a small bar.

The season culminated in a junior championship tournament that was a huge success. There were 29 teams in six categories from four municipalities. Speaking on behalf of herself and her co-founder, Watt says, “It was a long day for the organization, but [was] all worth it seeing the way the kids were enjoying it! Even with the rain on and off, we had over 200 fans in the stands during the day, plus the 200 players!” There was an osteopath on site for injuries, a food truck, two bars, a professional photographer, and a DJ. All those working at the event, other than in the food trucks, were volunteers.

Though this season may be over, dek hockey in Hemmingford will be back next year. Summer sports will start in April 2024, and registration will begin in February.

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