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Dundee has ‘taken the necessary steps’: commission follow-up

A follow-up report issued by the Commission municipal du Québec has confirmed that the Municipality of the Township of Dundee has complied with a series of recommendations that accompanied the results of an investigation by the Direction des enquêtes et des pursuits en intégrité municipale (DEPIM). These were made public in September.

The original report concluded that the municipality had engaged in “irregularities and practices contrary to the Municipal Code” between November 2020 and March 2021. The report recommended that council members and municipal staff be updated on the legal framework of the Municipal Code, and that the municipality review its practices concerning the management of public meetings.

At the time, the Dundee mayor, Linda Gagnon, maintained the municipality was taking the report and its recommendations very seriously. In a letter addressed to the general direction in Dundee, of which The Gleaner has obtained a copy, the president of the Commission Municipal du Québec, Jean-Philippe Marois, notes the conclusion of a follow-up report issued November 16 confirms this commitment.

“The municipality has taken the necessary steps to implement the recommendations of the Commission’s report to our satisfaction,” writes Marois, who notes that while not all of the relevant training for municipal staff and councillors has been completed, information provided by the municipality indicates formal training will take place in the near future.

In his letter, Marois also points out that a draft bylaw amending the council’s existing management bylaw was tabled during the regular municipal council meeting in November and is expected to be passed before the end of the year. “The cooperation of the municipal authorities gives us no reason to doubt that the bylaw will be adopted with due diligence.”

Marois highlights the support of the Ministry of Municipal Affairs regional directorate which he says “greatly facilitated the implementation of the recommendations at the municipality.” 

Dundee also moved to hire Elgin resident Marc Michot to serve as director general and secretary-treasurer in October, which has contributed to the municipality’s resolve to right the situation as quickly as possible.

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