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Eco Lodge offers unique experience to visitors

Maya Sorel
CVR Journalism

The Eco Lodge is an Ormstown bed and breakfast (B&B) offering visitors a unique wilderness experience. The B&B is available for four-season getaways for couples looking to appreciate the beautiful countryside of Ormstown. Situated on the Lower Concession Road, surrounded by fields and forest, it provides views that are unforgettable. It gives a true experience of Ormstown’s beauty.


An old silo sits behind red flowers under a blue sky
PHOTO Jasmine Boucher


The lodge itself is an old milk shed that was completely renovated to keep the environmental footprint to a minimum. To create a unique look, owners Francis Brissette and Jasmine Boucher used refurbished wood, antiques, materials, and tools from abandoned barns. As they wanted the lodge to be suitable for all four seasons, they had to redo the insulation to meet today’s standards and they installed an elegant small gas stove. There is no running water in the lodge; but to make up for this the owners built the cutest outhouse and installed an outdoor shower with water heated by an Onzen gas system.


Two wooden lawn chairs face away from the camera towards a field and a sunset, under patio lights
PHOTO Jasmine Boucher


It took Brissette and Boucher almost two years to complete the project, and the result is amazing. They officially opened the B&B in October 2021, calling it the Eco Lodge Bûcheron Bergère. The “Bûcheron” represents Brisette, who is passionate about the woods located on the property and cutting wood, while the “Bergère” is Boucher. The lodge is located on the property of the Ferme Coco and Sabot, a toy and miniature goat farm.

So far, all the guests who have stayed there said they really enjoyed their time at the lodge. They mostly appreciated the coziness and the small details in the cabin, as well as the proximity to the goats and other animals including horses. Guests also appreciated the full breakfast, including eggs and French toast, as well as the view of the Adirondack mountains, and the space available for a bonfire and for gazing up at the sky.


The inside of a narrow building, the floors and trim and wooden and the left wall and cielinng are painted white. There is a window where you can see outside to a tree.
PHOTO Jasmine Boucher


The lodge also provides a great opportunity for visitors to discover this region and the village of Ormstown and its people. Most visitors to the lodge to date have been from Montreal and Toronto, but since the borders have reopened, some have also come from New York State and beyond.

This beautiful location is sure to provide exceptional memories for people to cherish for a lifetime.

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