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What types of content do we accept?

Press Releases
Story Ideas
Photo of the Week

Submission guidelines for articles and story ideas.

Articles can be pitched (i.e. a short blurb on your intended topic) or submitted in full to the editorial team at


  • Content must be relevant to Chateauguay Valley readers and include accurate times, dates, and details for events.
  • Word count: maximum 500, minimum 150.
  • Please include a suggested title and subtitle.
  • All articles, with the exception of letters to the editor, should be written in the 3rd person.
  • Feature articles should include at least one quote.
  • The Gleaner reserves the right to edit submissions for clarity and objectivity.
  • Publication is not guaranteed

 Can I submit multiple photos and videos with my story?

You can submit up to 2 photos with each article, and 1 photo with the announcement, event or Photo of the Week. All photos and videos must be originals.


  • Images should be no smaller that 680 pixels wide, and no larger that 1200 pixels wide.
  • Do not embed images in other documents.
  • Suggest captions for photos
  • The Gleaner reserves the right to edit photos for suitability and space.  Publication is not guaranteed.
  • Please send your photo with your story to, and please note the size restrictions for images.


You can only send us videos that have first been uploaded to youtube, vimeo or other similar sites.

All photos and videos should be sent to


Are Notices, Obituaries and This & That in Town free?


All notices, obituaries and This & That in Town events should be sent to

Do I hold onto my copyright? 

Copyright stays with the writer, but you do grant us non-exclusive electronic rights in order for us to post the material on our site.  However, this does not prevent you from posting your story elsewhere if you like.


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