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Farmers gain recognition for environmental actions

At least 29 farms within the Montérégie were awarded a total of $52,000 in grants through the AgrEAUresponsables program, including two enterprises in the region.

Les Fermes Ajiro 89 Inc. in Godmanchester received a $1,500 bursary for the creation of a 1.5-kilometre multi-layered riparian strip composed of two rows of plants – one row of herbaceous perennials, and the other of shrubs. This type of riparian strip is almost twice as wide as traditional strips, which maximizes environmental benefits.


Marie Claude De Martin of the Fermes Ajiro 89 inc received a $1500 AgrEAUresponsables bursary during a ceremony last January The award was presented by David Mackay Patrick Bousez Julien Pagé Josiane Carrière and Julien Boucher PHOTO Fédération de lUPA de la Montérégie


“For me, it’s always a source of pride to do my job in the most environmentally friendly way possible,” says owner Marie-Claude De Martin. “It is an opportunity to get a grant to continue making our improvements, but it also highlights our efforts to promote sustainable agriculture.”

Maxime Verner of Ferme Roch Verner et fils Inc. also received a $300 bursary for his multi-layered riparian strip in Saint-Stanislas-de-Kostka.


Maxime and Émilie Perras of the Ferme Roch Verner et fils inc were presented with a $300 award from David Mackay Patrick Bousez Julien Pagé Jean François Riendeau and Julien Boucher PHOTO Fédération de lUPA de la Montérégie


The AgrEAUresponsables bursaries aim to recognize the agri-environmental efforts of producers with more that 0.25 hectares bordering a waterway, such as the introduction of extended riparian buffer strips and landscaping that improves water quality, promotes biodiversity, and helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions while helping to control soil erosion.

Since the launch of the AgrEAUresponsables program in 2021 at least 62 farms in the Montérégie have received $128,000 in grants, thanks to financing from the Fonds du Grand Mouvement Desjardins.

The award-winning farms have integrated sustainable development initiatives affecting almost 75 hectares of land bordering waterways. The projects will help to improve water quality in the Montérégie region.

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