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Farmland Festival is a blend of international, urban, and rural cultures

The third edition of the Festival Terre Ferme, or Farmland Festival, in Godmanchester this past weekend was a colourful three-day celebration of the tastes and sounds of cultures from around the world.


In collaboration with Métiers et Traditions sur la Route a travelling group of artisans performers and producers visitors were invited to try their hands at playing the spoons while singing along to traditional songs on September 16 during the Farmland Festival PHOTO Sarah Rennie


Produced by the non-profit organization Érable et Sources, the festival featured over a dozen kiosks including local producers, organizations, and artisans; games and activities for children; fantastic cuisine; and a series of musical performances that spanned the globe. Each day took place under a different theme, from Franco-European to Africo-Oriental and Americo-Latino, and featured performances by renowned musicians and singers.


Pipers Wanda Goundrey and Cathy Anderson introduced visitors to the bagpipes during the Farmland Festival PHOTO Sarah Rennie


The festival managed once again to seamlessly bridge international diversity with agricultural awareness, while providing visitors with a charming and unique experience in the heart of Godmanchester. (SR)

Huntingdon MNA Carole Mallette joined in for a dance during a presentation by the Association Québecoise des Loisirs Folkloriques on September 15 in Godmanchester PHOTO The office of Huntingdon MNA Carole Mallette


Salaberry Suroît MP Claude DeBellefeuille spoke with quilter Catherine Cherrier who was demonstrating her art as part of the Métiers et Traditions sur la Route presentation PHOTO Sarah Rennie

Horse drawn carriage rides were offered to visitors young and old who enjoyed meeting and feeding the friendly horses PHOTO Sarah Rennie

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